Rumors that lend to Microsoft back in full force in the field of the smartphone after the failure of the Lumia aren’t really: Satya Nadella, CEO of Redmond Group, has clearly announced the “ultimate smartphone’ Surface Phone for 2017.

But if you’re sure that Microsoft will unveil a smartphone in 2017, we don’t have much of the device. The rumor was that there could enter the range Surface, the tablet computer from Microsoft who know a great success. A patent filed December 6, 2016 might give us some clues.

Suface Phone: phablet?

Spotted by PatentlyMobile, a patent filed by Microsoft on a mobile phone could be the first real clue on the future smartphone of the brand and we can already anticipate that there will be a phablette. surface phone mwc 2017, Such can be seen on the right image a hole that could be dedicated to accommodate a stylus.

Wouldn’t it be amazing: the range Surface use the stylus to operate, but so that the latter can fit into a device the size of a smartphone, precise ONMSFT, will be reduced. The size of pens used in the currently available devices in the range Surface is too large.

No dedicated camera button of Jack?

Although this patent could not give that some clues on future Surface Phone, ONMSFT note the absence of a dedicated button for the camera, which would indicate that the stylus would have importance in the functioning of the device. No physical “Home” button is also present, a trend that is democratized in top-of-range smartphones.

Another detail, and not least, the filed patent does not appear to present windows product key sale location for the Jack already deleted by Apple in the iPhone 7 and which should be also by Samsung in its future Galaxy S8.

There are so few clues, but suspense remains largely around.

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