Statcounter a few days ago the latest survey data show that Windows10 system in the United States market or over Windows7 systems in North America on May 29, buy windows 10 product key only, the desktop system new overlords. Latest news, Microsoft Win10 world with 17.43% shares.

According to market research firm Net Applications the latest figures May 2016 Windows10 operating system share has reached 17.43%, product key for windows 10, compared to 15.34% has increased sharply in April, this year’s largest increase since months.

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Windows7 with 48.57% share rankings, but down from 48.79% in April; Win10 share ranked second; Windows XP system, market share is 10.09%, rather than 9.66% also grew by some of the April; Windows 8.1, market share is 8.77%.
And in early May, OS statistics report shows the Steam game platform, April 2016 Steam platform for Windows 10 64-bit player the highest utilization rate than Windows 7 64-bit 5.65%, Windows 10 year growth rate of the system 1.36%.

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Microsoft announced earlier, Windows10 device to activate volume has more than 1 billion, while Microsoft plans to achieve 1 billion units installed in 3 years. In addition, buy cheap windows 10 key, this summer (confirmed on July 29, 2016) Microsoft will release updates the anniversary of Win10, and brings a number of new features, and Win7 and Win8.1 are free upgrades Win10 system and will end on July 29, 2016, buy cheap windows 10 key and will adopt a policy to pay to upgrade.

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